Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1 - Fanzines and Comics and Podcasts! Oh My!

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas!

This is our fourth year and the fourth year in a row that I'll be late! In this case, whilst I apologise to the contributors for not getting their work out to the fans as I should have, I'm reasonably confident that this time they will forgive me. This year paying some real attention to my wife was more important than my other commitments. This year I have been married to Sharyn, whom I only half-jokingly call "She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed", for twenty five years and she deserves a bleedin' medal for it! She is also a nurse who has worked the Christmas public holidays for the last two years, I think, and hasn't seen her mum (a marvellous lady!) in at least that long.

I think you will agree that it is not too much to ask for your indulgence in waiting a little while whilst we went down to Victoria to visit the McPherson clan and then take her on a week's holiday in Tasmania?

But the wait is over and you must now pretend that it is Christmas night once again as we bring to you the first Trek Day of Christmas!

Podcast From: TimeWell Electronic Presentations

As part of their contribution to the annual 12 Trek Days of Christmas, Doug, Jim and Ken have gotten together to talk about the many presents Star Trek has given us in the form of inspirations. What would cellphones look like if Captain Kirk wasn't there to flip open his communicator? Would we even have cellphones at this stage in the game without Star Trek to inspire inventors? And what about all of those theoreticians who are trying to develop warp drive, teleporters, replicators and more because they saw it done on Star Trek first? All of these questions and more will be discussed in TrekCast: Inspirations at
Have a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year from TWERPs!
HOSTED BY Doug Zeitlin and Jim Caswell with special correspondent Ken Hallaron

TimeWell Electronic Recording Productions presents TWERPcast, an unscripted podcast program where we discuss "genre" media in what amounts to well thought out, and occasionally not so well thought out, opinions. Said opinions may be highbrow and/or educational at times; they may bring you to laughter or tears; and they may, we hope, be very entertaining as well.

If you enjoy relaxing with your friends and discussing movies, television, books and more, then we hope you will enjoy TWERPcast too. If you're easily offended, get your own podcast and a sense of humor!

Nova Trek 3 - Assignment: Yesterday
Comic From: MD Bruffy

This exciting non-canon, Star Trek comic released by Madison D Bruffy in October, continues the story of Jan and Tamera Kirk from the previous issue, Guardian's Child. Janet Kirk and her sister travel back in time to 1978 Cape Kennedy, to work with two old acquaintances of Jan's, in stopping agents from the future from making a change to Earth's history that could destroy Starfleet and the Federal Union of Planets before they were even created!

Madison D. Bruffy, the writer and graphic artist for Nova Trek has created these substantial comics - 70-80 pages each - from the ground up! From writing the story, turning it into a visual plotline, grabbing the reader with his visual imagery - made using a variety of 2D/3D graphics programs in conjunction with Poser - he does the lot! 
Mr Bruffy has done the "hard yards" and not only does his skill show but his creativity as well! This isn't Dark Horse or DC, but it doesn't try to be! These are damn good stories presented in a ground-breaking, experimental media! Read and enjoy ... and don't forget to drop by Madison's home on the USS Tamarlane forum to give him some feedback. While you're there checkout some of the other great fan produced comics there such as Starship Saladin, Starship Surya and the stunning USS Tamarlane - watch out for more on Star Trek web comics in Hailing Frequencies Open issue 2.12!

Hailing Frequencies Open 2.03
A fanzine edited by Kirok of L'Stok 

Hailing Frequencies Open is the venue for this year's published media, twelve issues being planned with today's focussing on the pre-Enterprise era of Star Trek. We have a short story from the editor, the first part of a serialised photonovel episode of "Enterprise S5", the animated fan fiction series by Lee, Mac & Moore and the first instalment of a three part directory of Star Trek audio drama in 2010. This is rounded off by the first instalment by Hair & Edwards in Dispatches From The Romulan War, a virtual fan fiction series, rounded off by a montage of Star Trek fan art from deviantART dealing with the pre-Enterprise era.

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