Sunday, November 7, 2010

Writers Pitch 2 - Trek Pdf Publishing

There have been some notable entrants into the field of pdf publishing of fan fiction since 2008, most noticeably Banshee Squadron by R.A.Merk, and whilst I especially want work for ePublishing, I would also like to add to the slowly expanding library of Trek fiction on Issuu.

What do I want from you? Same deal as the ePublishing! A word processor file copy of your story in either MSWord or OpenOffice .doc format that is formatted the way you want it to appear and that has been edited for style, spelling and grammar. I would particularly like to see longer works, such as a Novel (>40,000 words), Novella (17,500 - 40,000) or Novelette (7,500 - 17,500).

What will we deliver in return?
  • Your story as a pdf file lodged online on Issuu so that it will be available for download.
  • It will be formatted to an agreed standard with a cover, title page, Table of Contents, Chapter headers etc.
  • If you don't have a cover I will help you get one done, probably by artists on Deviant Art.
  • I will create a 3D book cover image and “Dust jacket notes” for distribution and publicity purposes
  • The pdf books published will be released on alternate days to the ePub books as part of the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas on a variety of Star Trek forums. Last year we released on the Trek United, Starfleet International, Star Phase II, Star Trek Hidden Frontiers and Star Trek Intrepid forums.
All graphics and files will be made available to you, along with the instructions on how they were created so that you can create your own fan fiction on Issuu if you desire.

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