Monday, November 8, 2010

Writers Pitch 3 - Trekzine Publishing

As I've said earlier, the backbone of the Twelve Trek Days is going to be twelve fanzines that will cover a wide variety of commentary and reviews of 2010. Star Trek fandom was at the forefront of the development of science fiction fanzines and traditionally there is a subset of fanzines known as Trekzines which basically take the part of anthologies of Star Trek fan fiction. What sort of an editor would I be if I didn't do my part to give you a selection of holiday reading to enjoy?

I want to keep the 'zines to an acceptable length though and for this I will need to limit the submissions for this to short stories – a work of under 7,500 words as defined by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The pitch is much the same as the last two...

What do I want from you? A word processor file copy of your story in either MSWord or OpenOffice .doc format that is formatted the way you want it to appear and that has been edited for style, spelling and grammar.

What will we deliver in return?
  • Your story in an issue of the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas fanzine, which will be presented as a pdf file lodged online on Issuu and independently as a pdf download.
  • Illustrations are optional but especially welcome.
  • The fanzines will be released every second day during the period of the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas on a variety of Star Trek forums. Last year we released on the Trek United, Starfleet International, Star Phase II, Star Trek Hidden Frontiers and Star Trek Intrepid forums.
I should perhaps stress that your work always remains your own. Its fan fiction so you can't own the copyright except for the original characters you create. However one thing that I am strong on is that you can always exercise your moral right to be identified as the creator of the work.

As editor and publisher all I ask is that you do not publish your work elsewhere for one month prior and one month after the publishing date of the fanzine. If there are extenuating circumstances - a competition, a gift for a friend - talk to me. Underneath this hard exterior beats the heart of a push-over for a sob-story!

All graphics and files will be made available to you, and if you want to involve your self in the publishing of the 'zine I will make every effort to explain what and why I do what I do so that you can create your own fanzines if you desire.

Just to add a bit of spice to the 'zines however, each day will have a different focus...

1 Pre-Enterprise
2 Enterprise
3 The Original Series
4 The New Movie
5 Before The Next Generation
6 The Next Generation
7 Deep Space Nine
8 Voyager
9 The Second Movie Era: Generations to Nemesis
10 Post Nemesis and Non Canon
11 Gaming
12 Treknology

Do you have a short story that will fit in one or more of these categories? If so I'd like to hear from you!


  1. For my website, Star Trek Reviewed, I have three films classified as "Pre-Enterprise" or Pre-Stone Age. They are:
    (1) Duet, a film set in Past WWII Germany which is a remake of a DS9 episode.
    (2) Steam Trek. What would a Star Trek movie have looked like if you made it in 1903, or even 1923? Probably like Steam Trek!
    (3) Stone Trek. Aside from the tone and Look, Stone Trek is a real take on Star Trek, done in the style of the Flintstones, but with none of the characters.

  2. Again, from my website, Star Trek Reviewed, I have four Films classified as Enterprise Era. They are:
    (1) Star Trek: The Romulan War. About to release their forth episode (but they have already released Episodes 1,2,3 and 5), Star Trek: The Romulan War looks at what a ship in Star Fleet endured in the course of that war.
    (2) Star Trek: Alliance Born. A recut of the Enterprise TV show, a new final ending that a fan prefers.
    (3) Star Trek: Enterprise, A New Generation, this is stop action animation with "Action Figures"... dolls that look like the cast members. German made animation has both an original sound track in German and a second one in English.
    (4) Lilredhead Studios Presents Enterprise Flashed, Flash animation with stories about the Enterprise crew. (They also have a Voyager cartoon)