Monday, November 1, 2010

What to give as a Present

So how do you fit in? Just about any way you want to!

The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas has always highlighted for me the diversity of Star Trek fandom and our contributions during the season of Goodwill stand as a living testament to the reality of IDIC in the twenty first century!

Your contribution could be something that you have done that has never been seen before or something existing that has never seen wide distribution. It could be some small thing, such as a video teaser, that could lead fans to your existing work, such as a fan fiction series. Or you could throw caution to the wind and venture out into a whole different media – write a script, voice an audio book, create a graphic artwork, work with someone else to create a webcomic!

It could be something old or something new, an appropriation, a pastiche, a satire or an Andorian Space Opera! Don't be shy, I have niches for small contributions as well as pedestals for the major league productions. Do whatever you feel comfortable with, or as some have in previous years, really push the envelope! Above all though – have fun!

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